Top Ten Favorite Music Videos

I can vividly remember spending my Saturday afternoons when I was 7 years old glued to the top 20 countdown on Muchmusic in Canada. I would watching each music video and dream of one day dancing for an artist. I never in a million years thought I would ever get to dance on the same tv as Paula and her cartoon cat, but somehow that happened. Spending hours on youtube watching old + new music videos is one of my favorite late night adventures. I wanted to share some of my all time favorites with you!

Janet + her ARMY.

My favorite band The Kooks + “She Moves in Her Own Way”. I mean, hot boys + Scrabble. Yes please.

Paula. The reason I wanted to be a dancer.

Wicked Games By Chris Issak. Instant turn on.

Everyone knows I love me some swifty. She’s sad. It’s snowing in her house. I totally get you Tay-Tay.

Ramona Falls- I smell Fever. This video scares me so much + I cannot look away.

You all know that i feel VERY STRONGLY about the use of a unitard. Score.

Honeyhoney. Little toy Gun. Dude from 24. Guyliner.

FOB. Dance Dance. Because I love gym/prom dancebreaks anyway I can get them.

And Finally. Today my friends Johnanderson + Elmo put out their first music video for their band SYMPHONIC CIRCLES. The song is called No.3. The video blows my little dancer mind and is a true work of art. This makes me miss dancing so much and I love that Symphonic Circles has created epic music to dance too. I might just need to have a dance around my room tonight!