Geek Garb: Teddy Duchamp, Stand By Me

There was a time when geek and style were forces as opposing as tuna and milkshakes. But those days are long gone, and to celebrate the intersection of these wonderful practices I will be plucking a famous geek and highlighting the unbearable radness of his/hers wardrobe. To kick things off we take a look at the military-inspired style of teen rebel Teddy Duchamp from the iconic flick Stand By Me. The kid’s got steeze, from wayfarer to Chuck Taylor (and the hip-flask in between) there’s no doubt. Triple style score for rocking a Hawaiian shirt and a sweet-ass d-link belt.

Take a trip down memory bliss; recline, watch the trailer, check out the pics and decide how best to pay homage to original hipster, Teddy D.

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