What The Stars Would Have Done If ‘Harry Potter’ Hadn’t Called

It’s the moment Harry Potter fans have been looking forward to AND dreading at the same time: Harry Potter is in its final stretch, with the final movie a mere 3 days away. It’s been quite the run since the first movie released ten years ago. Who would have known ten years ago that the movies would be such a worldwide phenomenon?!

Without a doubt Harry Potter definitely launched the careers of its stars. But what if Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Tom Felton weren’t given a callback and thus not cast as Harry, Ron, Hermione, or Draco? What would they be doing?

ABC News reported on what life would be like for them sans Harry Potter straight from the sources:

Daniel Radcliffe:

“What probably would have happened, when I got to about 17, 18, and it became apparent, as it would have done, to my parents that I wasn’t going to be going to university, I’m sure they probably would have tried to get me, like, an internship on a film as a runner. And then I’d just try to work my way up the A.D. ladder from there.”

“To this day, I still fancy myself as a bit of an A.D. Anyone who works with me will tell you if they give me a radio, I constantly kind of try to run messages between people, that I always like to know exactly what’s going on around the set. So if somebody’s saying, ‘Where’s so and so? We need them now,’ I can go, ‘They’re there. That person’s coming back. They’ve just gone to the toilet.’ I really like to know exactly what’s going on at all times on set, because I like to feel that’s another way in which I can make myself useful.”

Rupert Grint:

“I don’t know. It’s quite a scary thought. I saw recently, they put on one of the DVDs, footage from our screen tests when we were first kind of auditioning. In one of them, there was a test with Emma and Dan with a different Ron, another kid who was auditioning at the same time. That was very weird to see that, because he was good. I probably would have picked him.”

“It was weird to think what I’d be doing now. … I’d have probably gone down the art route. I wanted to design hats for a while when I was really young. And being an ice cream man was another dream, but I’ve kind of let go of that now. I bought an ice cream van and brought it up, actually, on the last day and served ice cream to the crew. I don’t really drive it too much now, because you get people queuing up on the street.”

Emma Watson:

“I would have found some way to end up acting, performing. I mean, obviously, not on this scale, but I would have been doing it, I’m sure,” Watson said. “I would have been doing plays. I’m almost a hundred percent sure I would be doing plays, I would be acting. I mean, that would be a sideline thing for me. I would be focusing toward some kind of career that I’m not really sure of now, but I definitely would have been performing, some way or another.”

Tom Felton:

“My brother and I often talk about it. Where would I be and what would I be doing? I like to think something creative. I’ve always been fairly minded that way, certainly with music and fooling around as a kid with a video camera. I’d like to think it would be something in that realm.”

“It certainly was not going to be sitting behind an office. If I did, I wouldn’t be happy doing it. So I’ve been very lucky that I’ve been able to follow a passion of mine from a very young age. A lot of people aren’t so fortunate. A lot of friends now are working jobs they can’t stand just so they can get enough money to go traveling or to start their own business or to do whatever they want. I’ve just been blessed to start in the industry that I want to continue with.”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 hits theaters this Friday, July 15th.

Could you imagine anyone else playing the characters from Harry Potter?