Remember The Day: Tokio Hotel Live In Modena [July 11th, 2008]

July for me it’s a really special month, especially if I connect it to Tokio Hotel: I knew them in July, I saw them for the first time in July, I met the twins in July. I always believed in destiny and fate, and 7 has always been my luck number, I was born on 7, and in the magic world is the perfect number, and July is the seventh month of the year…

So, July 11th, 2008 is one of those day I’ll always remember and will keep in my heart.

My story starts a couple of months before this date, when Tokio Hotel deleted half of their tour for Bill’s cyst and I was totally devastated, I couldn’t believe he was sick and maybe I never saw him or listen his voice anymore… It was March 22nd, 2008 when I knew about this and 4 days after I had to go in Bologna for finally to see them, live in concert, because my parents hadn’t take me the first time in October 2007… But a little hope arrived a couple of days after: Tokio Hotel came back on stage for a summer tour and who had to go in Bologna could save the tickets and go in Modena. I was happy again, and I counted the days till July 11th…

In that period I knew a girl, Giada who was a TH’s fan too as her sister, Sara… I was so happy because I could share with other people my passion and love… we talked a lot about them and stuff like that, and also she went to Modena with her sister, but they went there a day before, for to be in front row… I couldn’t. Because my dad couldn’t have the permission from the work, so we went in Modena the same day of the concert (Modena is not so far to Trieste, something like 4 hours)…

I was already organized with Giada and her sister, because searching in internet about infos and news of TH, I found that there were a sort of tickets for the front row and a person could take 3 tickets, so I said to Giada to take 3 tickets or special pass how you prefer, for my dad, my friend Selene and me so we could stay all together…

Then the plans changed and those tickets aren’t avaiable anymore… Who arrived before stayed in front row, the others stayed after another barrier… I was really sad! But I didn’t despair… the happiness for to see them after such a long time was more strong…

But there were another problem… On July 6th, TH performed in Rome, and it was a total chaos, no tickets control, and the people entered in the hippodrome (TH performed at Ippodromo Cappanelle) just like horses and the security didn’t exist… Plus, the day before the concert, fans did a total chaos who the band had to delete the date, and I was despair if happened with Modena too… So I lived stressing days before the concert…

After this long introduction, finally arrives the moment of the concert.

July 11th, 2008.

At 7am starts my travel toward Modena. (I have to say I didn’t eat nothing in the morning, my stomach was closed and adrenaline was all around my body, but in the car, I ate a lot of chips and popcorn with my friend Selene, so I wasn’t completely empty)

At midday finally we arrive in Modena, before we go in the hotel for to put our stuff and then we go at Parco Novi Sad, a huge place (now it’s a parking). The concert was an open air, always loved them! It was damn hot, there! I know what mean live in a city with a lot of humidity but Modena beated Trieste. A lot of people were already there… The atmosphere was really good (the first and the last time I saw an atmosphere like that in a TH concert or event), a lot of kiosks were all around the venue and I took advantage and I bought a pillow with TH’s photo during EMA’s 07 and a tshirt with SCREAM cover…

It was something like 1pm and TH start to do the soundcheck, I could listen the beat of Gustav’s drum, the riff of Tom’s guitar and Bill’s voice. In that moment I started to cry and I continued to repeat to my mom: “Mom! It’s Bill! It’s Bill!!! He’s singing!!!” and I jumped and my mom started to cry too because she saw me damn happy. It’s for that reason I have a particular connection with 1000 Meere, this is the song I listened to sing by Bill. They also checked Break Away and Final Day.

Luckily the organization did enter the people a lot before what they said, and at 1:45am I was inside the venue, I was soooooo happy to be there and I was happy to be near enough, I saw all the huge stage and I was just on the barrier who separated the part where stayed the people who came the day before and the people who came the same day. It was so perfect for my eyes! And I was happy! (Now I have to say, I’m happy only if I am in front row xD well, now the things are different and I know all the stuff that happen during a concert, so I’m psychologically prepared to everything)

And from that moment the time seemed was never passing! It was hard, really really hard, because it was so hot and so humid, we started to open umbrellas and firemen threw water with the pump for refresh us, but all this wasn’t so lenght because it was terribly hot…

I knew a couple of sweet girls (and also in this case I can say: first and last time) and as happened for the other concerts, I was the older one (I was 17 years and half there)…

The sun was burning and I saw a lot of girls faint and I continued to repeat to myself: “I’m the next one! I’m the next one!”, I still have a peach tea in my bag, it was hot too, but my body needed to sugar and so I drank it in an only one gulp. Then I felt me better and I was ready to enjoy the concert.

First of Tokio Hotel concert, there was another band, an Italian band, called LOST who I hate them because in my opinion they didn’t know what music is and they don’t know play music… the most of their first songs were covers something like “SexyBack” of Justin Timberlake and “Backstreet’s Back” of BSB, who I listened when I was 6 years old and all the girls screamed so loud and I said: “Oh God! Now I understand, you are so young, I feel me really old! I was 6 when this song played on the radios and it was of BSB, but maybe you weren’t still born!”. I hate them because they were totally rude, especially the singer, Walter, they were in my same hotel, I found them in the breakfast room with me and the other people who stayed in the hotel, and my mom asked an autograph and also if I could to do a pic to all of them while they were having breakfast and he said: “No, miss. We have to having breakfast!” in a bad way. F**k you!

Tokio Hotel arrived on stage in a little bit late, at 9:33pm (sometimes I’m so scared how many details I remember about those moments) and there started the chaos.

I couldn’t believe to live that moment, to be there and to see the band, to see with my eyes my angel who he was well again, and he was singing for me! In those moments, all the other 17,999 people didn’t exist, but only the band and me!

I started to cry and to scream Bill’s name so loud!

A girl who never saw before, maybe she passed the other one and arrived where I was, embrace me and kiss me on the cheek, really I don’t know who she is because I didn’t ask her name or nothing…

She also helped me to raise the board I made for Bill & Tom for In Die Nacht, it was a really cool board and it was written: “Bill und Tom, Zwei Sterne In Die Nacht“, we raised it before they started to play this magic song in a really closed moment. Bill was up and was looking the immense crowd, he was so proud to be there (also in Caught On Camera DVD he will say it, and all the band too. Tokio Hotel loved Modena concert!)… he looked to his left, where I was with the board and he saw it and smiled and put his hands on his heart, I was sooooooooo happy, oh Lordy! I have shiver only to remember that moment. The girl who helped me started to jump and embraced me again and she said me: “He saw it! He saw it!” and I was crying, I was speechless!

One of the moment I loved most was during “Live Every Second”, unluckily the didn’t play in German version, so when Bill arrived on the catwalk and left the crowd to sing: “Liveeeeeeeeee Every Seeeeeeecond!” after him, all of us started to sing: “Leeeeeeeb’ Die Sekuuuuuuuuuunde” in German and he was so cute, he was like: “What?” xD

Tokio Hotel performed for over 2 hours, everything was amazing, the concert was half in German and half in English, and doesn’t matter if during “Geh” Tom’s guitar broke, it’s something that happen during live concert and it’s a part of them, we screamed a lot for Tom as to say: “Don’t worry, it’s all ok! You rock!”

Around midnight, the concert was finished. I couldn’t believe to have waited so much and it was all finished!

I was crying, I think to have cried for all the two hours and half of concert, and even now I’m thinking where I found all that water, because I sweated for the whole day!

Then I went to my dad, who wasn’t with me, but it was in another part and filmed all the show, I’m so glad of him! He did a great work! I arrived to my dad and to Selene (because she prefered to stay with him because until the day before she had flu and nosebleed) and in tears I embrace him and continued to cry. A lot of girls looked me in a bad way (typical) and they said: “Oh, she’s crying!” and I said: “What? What the hell? I’m crying because I’m happy! Because I can’t believe what I’ve seen. I’ve just seen my reason of life!

I got dirty my dad tee with my makeup, but it’s something that it’s part of TH’s ritual concerts, after the show I go to my dad, I embrace him and I cry so much and I get dirty his tee (happened in Padova, last year too) and if he’s not with me, I call him (and my mom too) at the phone and I cry as well.

When the people was going out the venue, I had to threw on stage some things for the guys, in the hope to see them wearing something I bought for them (as a cap for Tom and a bracelet for Bill that I have it too, with our names on)… and then my dad brought me a Bill’s tee, from the official TH’s store.

When we went out the venue and went in the car, TH’s cars passed in front of us and I was: “Oh My God!”, we came back on the hotel and finally I could to go in the bathroom.

It was the first time I stayed up something like 12 hours and I didn’t go at the toilet for 15 hours.

It’s something I repeated several times from that moment, but I’m always happy to do it, because it’s not a weight for me, I do it because I want it! Because I know what happen after all of that!

It was an awesome experience, I would to live it again!