Remember The Day: Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ TRL ON THE ROAD (Catania, IT) [July 16, 2010]

This is my second important date of July impressed in my heart forever, about Tokio Hotel.

This is the day where finally I met my angel and my brother in law, and I will never forget it!

My story stars, as usual, a couple of days before, when I discovered the twins came back in Italy, in Catania (Sicily) and I really wanted to go there, because really miss the band, and especially my sweetheart, even though I saw them twice in two weeks… but you know, when you love someone, doesn’t count how many times you already saw him/her!

My friend Antonella asked me if I wanted to go in Catania with there because I had to stay with her a couple of days in that period… I said: “YES, OF COURSE!” and I went to Naples, where she leaves and then we took the boat with her parents and her bro and went in Catania.

We left Naples the night among July 14th and July 15th, and the morning of the 15 we arrived in Catania… I was damn sleepy because I hadn’t sleep the night, it wasn’t comfortable where I slept, but the fact I have to see them made me to go on… The day before Antonella and I knew that in exclusive, only for Catania, the live dvd + the cd live about Humanoid Tour, were released that day, on July 15th (in the rest of Italy they were released on July 20th), an only 500 fans could have the possibility to buy it to go at the place where TRL stage was and have the chance with the dvd or the cd to have a pass (a bracelet) and stay in front row, in the vip area and then meet the twins and have their autographs during the signing session, but this was only for 300 of them… In the end I knew that they autographed also for other fans…

At the evening of 15th July, Antonella and I stayed in front of the store called LA FELTRINELLI – RICORDI MEDIASTORE… i was the number 110. In that occasion I had the pleasure to meet my friend Vanessa, she came there for to meet me, and we spent an hour together talking about a lot of stuff and I explained to her what I was doing there xD

We stayed in front of the store until 2:30 am, then come back at the hotel, we slept 2 hours and then come back in front of the store at 7:30am … we bought the dvd and the cd and then, Antonella’s dad took us with the car in the TRL’s location for take the pass/bracalet… at 11am we were under the stage of TRL, waiting for the show… at 7pm TRL started oh Guinness!!!!!!!

It was damn hot, oh Lordy!!! Never been in a place so hot like that but I was focused about the twins and what I was waiting for… and as usual, the hours and the minutes have gone sooooooooo slowly! Typical!

When they arrived on stage I started to cry, to jump, to scream their name and especially Bill’s ones! it’s not a new xD then also I screamed a lot of bad words against Natalie Franz, makeup artist .-. of the band and she ran down on the stage because she was scared and Bill started to laugh hahahah

At 8pm the show finished and we waited for the signing… When I went in the backstage, oh Lordy i saw the Holy Light of the Heaven XD at the first, I saw tom… When i arrived at the desk where they were… Tom said to me: Hello!!! eheheheh thank u!!! XD and he made the autograph… I really don’t remember if I said him: “Hi” or I said it only in my mind, really xD I don’t remember! But I have a big smile on my face, I really wanted someone recorded me while I was inside of the signing session, because I can’t describe my face xDDD Then I throw myself on the desk XD because I focused that Tom wasn’t the only one in the signing and there’s been a really little moment where I didn’t understand where I was, still now I can’t focus that I met them, but doesn’t matter xD

So I threw myself on the desk for take the necklace with my first letter of my name, you know I have one with the “B” (his first letter) and the letter for Bill. There was two girls near to me who’s waiting for Bill’s autograph, and I remember that when I threw myself on the desk, and I exclaimed: “BIIIILLL”, they turned toward me and they look at me, and I looked them, Bill stopped to firm on their dvds and he turned to me and he made a face like this: *o* and then he said: Thank u!!! and he smiled me… in a really sweet way, I really never saw him makes this smile to the others and he touched me softly my hand and he looked that I had the same polish nail of him, YSL Stormy Grey (he hadn’t this one on his nails, but he had it for example during the Arthur premiere)

It was the typical scene from a romantic comedy, seriously!

Then Bill had to firm the booklet of the dvd of mine, and teared away from Tom’s hands my booklet XD really funny moment! I continued to have the same idiot expression on my face, oh God xD it was embarassing!! Bill made his autograph and then gave me the booklet and he looked at me, and I looked him… so deep… The only thing there wasn’t in that moment was a romantic ballad in the background xD He saw my soul!!!! and he had a smile on his face, i can’t describe it, because he looked at me in a way that noone has been looked in this way like me!!! *w* we stayed to look each other for one long minute, maybe more than a minute, really in those moments the clock could goes on really fast and I wasn’t able to notice it! and then a TRL’s bodyguard said to me: “Hey, you gotta go” and I said: “ah, really?” and so I went toward the exit looking Bill and he looking me too until it could be possible for him! OH MEIN GOTT!!!!!

When I was out I start to cry, to jump and I threw myself to the ground in a sense of freedom!

I was so happy, oh God!!! It was unbelievable!!!!

Can’t wait to repeat this experience! Even though I was dirt, sweat, weak… Bill saw me in another way, he saw me how I am, and I will always keep this in my heart!

I have to say also that that day my cellphone and my digital camera broke up xD hahaha Bill does a bad effects on the technology hahahaha

I travelled for 1,500 km only for see them!!!! From Trieste (northen Italy) to Catania (southern Italy). But it’s worth it!