Ready For Holidays!

Hi Buzznet,

those last days have been really really chaotic, mainly for two reasons: the first because I did my last two exams, and until September I have no intention to listen about exams… I’m so stressed and tired about study and university… I did 6 exams from February, and “only” 4 among June and July. Today I did my last one. In both of them I got 26/30 and I’m pretty happy about the marks… I have to say that it’s a freedom to have done those exams… And doesn’t matter if in the end they weren’t brilliant at 100%. I think July is the wrost month for to study and to do exams, because it’s damn hot, and you are so tired about the whole year in the university and you already did a lot of other exams, and you think that a lot of people are on holidays, at the sea, tan and stuff like that and you are closed at home for to do exams, but this first year has gone in this way and on October I start the second one and I’m already organizing myself for to do more exams possible in the winter period, because for me it’s better to study in winter and during the universitary period, you are more focused on the subjects and stuff like that… in summer your head thinks to the sun, to the sea and to the holidays… I always do the best of myself and then arrive a moment where I feel me tired and weak, and this moment is just July… so no exams on July anyomore! xD

The second reason why I’ve been so busy, is because my parents and I planned for holidays, just at the last minute, and on 21st we leave our city, Trieste, and go on cruise in Greece and Turkey… Just 30 minutes ago arrived all the procedures for the cruise and stuff like that, so my brain is so full of infos and questions…

Really can’t wait to go on holidays, in cruise, this is the cruise ship where I will stay for 12 days, it’s called COSTA MEDITERRANEA and I already was in this one in 2005, and it’s one of the biggest of the Italian company Costa Crociere, and this is the 8th cruise travel I do with my parents, really love it!

Just need to a lot of relax, because I’m exhausted, seriously!

Really miss you all of you, Yasi, Aviva, Bree, Rich, and in particular my special cute friend Kat, over all the others and also my sweet Tara and Ben, but I already said to Kat that I will send to her a lot of postcards and I hope to find something cute for her as souvenir :*

I come back on August 1st, I couldn’t upload about Britney’s dates or anything about Tokio Hotel or my other usual blogs, because I would to don’t think about Internet for 12 days, but I will do when I come back. I promise!

Leave me every comments, notes, messages you want, I will respond you back as soon as possible.

Thanks so much to all my followers, they are 700 right now and I’m so proud about this, I started here just like a game and then it became a lifestyle and can’t live without Buzznet.

Happy Holidays To All Of You!

Now, it’s your turn, where do you go on holidays this year?