Quidditch: Not Just For Wizards

If you think Quidditch is only for the wizards of Harry Potter, think again!

For those of you who missed the Potterboat on this Hogwarts favorite sport, Quidditch is a sport played on brooms with teams of seven. Three players, called Chasers, “chase” a large red ball called the Quaffle and attempt to toss it into one of three hoops on the opposing team’s side. Each of these goals is guarded by the Keeper.

Two Beaters are in charge of hitting the Bludgers, two enchanted balls that are meant to hurt or distract the players. Finally, there is the Seeker, whose sole job is to find the elusive Golden Snitch. Catching the Snitch will earn their team 150 points, while making a goal with the Quaffle only earns 10.

Since 2007, the International Quidditch Association has fostered the sport among muggles world-wide. They even have an annual Quidditch World Cup! Over 250 Quidditch teams exist in the U.S. alone, including many colleges and universities like Boston University, Purdue University, University of Southern California and even Harvard University.

The muggle-version of the game adapts all the rules of traditional wizard Quidditch to accomodate those of us who can’t fly – but that doesn’t stop team members from running around carrying brooms between their legs. Chasers throw the Quaffle through hula-hoop-made goals protected by the Keepers, while the Beaters throw Bludgers at everyone. The best part, though, is how the Seekers chase after the “Golden Snitch,” played by a neutral team member who dresses in all gold and runs around in an epic game of tag until a Seeker catches him or her and the game ends.

Think this is too ridiculous to be true? Not so! Check out the videos below:

This informational video is brought to us by the University of Miami Quidditch team, and features footage from their game against Florida International University. Still confused on what this whole thing is about? Watch this video.

Harvard’s publication The Harvard Crimson showcases their Quidditch team in this video. Team members explain just why they love the sport and why people should get involved – there’s also some vastly entertaining shots of their practice and various matches. They are very serious about Quidditch.

Because of muggles’ lack of magical powers, sometimes things don’t go as planned in Muggle Quidditch…including the moves caught on camera of Texas A&M University‘s Quidditch team. Watch and LOL.

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Would you ever hit the field as a Muggle Quidditch player?