Question of the Day: Which Musician’s Story Do You Want To See Made Into A Movie?

A few months ago, Jared Leto posted a tribute video to Kurt Cobain where he dressed as Kurt and sang the song “Pennyroyal Tea.” While many people found this tribute a tad disturbing, others found it to be a heartfelt hommage by Leto to one of his idols. Personally, I found it a tad strange and couldn’t really listen to it, but that’s just me. I do, however, think that Leto as Cobain would be interesting to watch on the big screen.

I don’t care what anyone says, Leto in Chapter 27 was kind of amazing.

There was a lot of talk of a Cobain movie for a while and I am not sure where that is exactly. This made me wonder about who’s life you all would like to see made into a movie. We all have our favorite musicians and this is just one way to find out more about their lives art.

Which musician’s life do you want made into a movie?