Question of the Day: What Were Your Favorite Toys As A Kid?

For much of the morning, the internet here at Buzznet has been out. Well, that may not be entirely true. Bree and Yasi and Elise had intenets but I didn’t. I think my internets were clogged because I look at too many adult themed web sites. I WAS BANNED. Anyway, the intenet is back. Rather than go on about big people stuff, we shall travel back in time and talk about toys from our youth.

Thanks to NewAgeAshly for being one of the first tweets I saw that had this hash tag on le Tweeter:


Does this Elmo by MaJogi tickle your sensibilities?

Maybe you were into these things.

Or, maybe some of the lyrics to this song make strange sense to you:

I used to be very into Super Mario Bros. when I was little. One time, Mario got stuck in this weird space and I couldn’t get out. You know how when you run out of time and Mario dies? Well, I died and then I cried and I was banned from playing Nintendo for a week. I pm wanted to die.

What were your favorite toys when you were a kid?