Question of the Day: What Simple Pleasures Do You Enjoy?

This weekend was America’s birthday. That means that a lot of us had a holiday and things exploded in the sky. I didn’t really do a whole lot this weekend because when I don’t have to work, I just hang out inside and watch lots of Intervention.

I think my brain is still in bed today. It is enjoying the comfort of a gentle breeze that comes from the ceiling fan above my bed. It is probably reclining on a pile of pillows in a pitch black room that has a sheet on the window which keeps the sun out. I want to be there with my brain. I suppose doing nothing is my simple pleasure.

Moo and I went on a six mile walk just to get coffee. My friend and I met up there and walked our dogs all over the place in the blazing sun. I had a bottle of water for Moo because I didn’t want her to overheat. I got her a new harness, too. That was my other simple pleasure from this weekend (the walk and coffee part).

I am going to end my post here so that you all can talk about your simple pleasures. Maybe you enjoy things in Adani’s coffee and praline photo.

What simple pleasures do you enjoy?