Question of the Day: What Has Been the Happiest Day of Your Life Thus Far?

I complain a lot. I think that by my very nature, I am an old man pants that shakes his fists at anyone that steps on his lawn. A common recurring theme in these QOTD’s is me going “OH FFS OUTSIDE THE OFFICE LOOKS LIKE NATURE ATE A HEAPING BOWL OF GRUEL AND THREW UP IN THE SKY.” Today is no exception. This does not please me.

Despite my ill feelings for almost everything, I am sometimes happy. Even though this is not often, that means that when I am happy, I am really happy.

Since I am usually sailing my Sea of Sadness on FOREVER ALONE raft, these Islands of Happy that I land upon are truly a vacation from everlasting Morrissey album that plays as the soundtrack of my life. I am trying to think of something happy that happened to me recently but mostly it’s just stuff like “I CLIMBED A 10 MILE HILL ON MY BIKE WITHOUT STOPPING” or “I STAYED IN BED ALL DAY” kind of stuff.

Rather than talk about things that frustrate me (as was suggested earlier today by GirlInTheRadioWaves), I want to talk about happy stuff because my therapists says I need focus on positive things or my crystal healing sessions won’t work as well. This is where you come in.

I want to draw upon your vast, far reaching experiences and draw back the drab grey sheets from the windows that block the sunshine from entering the living room of my life. Share with me your happy times so that I can live vicariously through you and pretend that everything is rainbows and marshmallow tea parties.

What has been the happiest day of your life thus far in your tenure here on planet earth?

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