I Can Be Your Personal Shopper!

This is totally not a paid promotion but I just made an account on ShopSquad, a website where y’alls can seek advice on a variety of products, from electronics to baby toys to clothing (<—- daz wut i’m talking about). All you do is submit a question, and an “advisor”, an expert on whatever product you are looking for, will suggest a few options. For example, you could ask a question along these lines: “What are the best wedges for Summer? My price range is ‘x,’ and I prefer the color red.” Then, I come along and pick a few pairs of wedges for you from ShopSquad’s affiliates (including Free People, Bloomingdales and Mod Cloth). If you happen to buy one of the pairs I’ve suggested, I will earn a fraction of the price.

So click here if you have any sartorial questions. I’ll actually spend a chunk of time picking out items for you according to your preferences, and I can match any price range.