MTV’s ‘Awkward’ Slangtionary Rules!

If speaking in complete sentences really burns your toast and you would prefer that anyone over 40 finds your thoughts unintelligable, then here is the list for you! Or maybe as you roam the halls of your high school everyone seems to be speaking in Juno-centric terms that you cannot understand. Either way, this list of 21st century vocab from MTV’s new show “Awkward should help you out.

Back-Up Pants– The extra set of pants a girl or her friend keeps stashed at school for monthly visitor emergencies.

Barneys- Dorks, nerd boys, or goobers; Guys you don’t want to be seen with in public.

Big Fail Mary– Something that does not go as planned.

Call Shenanigans– Calling bullshit. Bullshit.

Carefrontation- A casual intervention facilitated by people who care about you when they think you need help.

Creeper– Stalker; Weirdo; Freak.

Face-Mail– The transparent look on someone’s face that lets you know what they’re feeling; Saying something in person that you would normally only have the balls to say over email.

Genie in a bottle– Genius.

Haiku Advice– Nonsensical advice.

House Arrest– Being grounded.

Jell-Y- Jealous.

Karmageddon- The end of the world brought on by one’s own bad karma.

Nancy Drew This- Over-analyzing.

Obvi- Obvious.

Old Testament- Outdated; Old School.

Pulling a Britney- Going to a crazy place.

Shame Spiral– Having a nervous breakdown

Hitting Shuffle on the Subject- Changing the subject.

Uberklempt- Stoked; Excited; Amped.

Ugly Cry- Crying so hard that your make-up runs and your face gets puffy.

“Awkward” premieres Tuesday, July 16th at 11/10cCheck out the trailer below:

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What’s your favorite “Awkward” slang word? Have you ever made up a slang word that caught on with your friends?