Mood Board: Swag, Individuality, the Unexpected (and Also More Swag)

Kreayshawn released her second single, “Rich Whores,” last week, which has only heightened my obsession with the swagged-out Bay Area rapper. I also officially just bought a “Pre-Sale Limited Edition T-Shirt Bundle” ticket to her San Francisco show in August and am BEYOND PUMPED, you guys. Go peep her tour schedule on her website and grab a ticket while they last…believe me, you’ll want to say you saw Kreayshawn “back in the day” on her first tour before she blew up.

Anyway, I also literally just arrived home in the Bay Area to spend Fourth of July weekend with my family, and I can already feel that East Bay swag swirling through the air.

Enter: tonight’s mood board. Just the right amount of tackiness mixed with fearless fashion and unending amounts of confidence (it’s all about attitude) – that’s swaggin’. To me, swag is about going against convention, doing what you want, and not caring what other people think – all while looking amazing.

Here’s a track off of Kreay’s Kittys X Choppas mixtape called “Killin hoes”…hit play and scroll on:


That turned into quite the unintentional mini gif party…I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, though.

Just in case you haven’t already been keeping tabs on my blog’s evolution into a Kreayshawn fan site, watch her interview with Rhapsody TV (also with a cameo from Lil Debbie), read what she told LA Weekly about her music’s message and get a little backstory on Kreayshawn’s sudden success.

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What’s your definition of ‘swag’?