Lady Gaga Dancing On Tonight’s SYTYCD!

Last night was a star-studded dance extravaganza over at SYTYCD. It started when I entered the VIP room and locked eyes with Katie Holmes who was hand in hand with her daughter (AKA the most beautiful child I have ever seen). Suri was in full glam attire. Dress, hot pink lipstick and a fierce shoe. I asked her if she wanted to color and she asked her “momma” if she could go home yet. Apparently, she was the only person in the house who didn’t want to stick around to see the night’s big guest judge.

On Saturday, I am heading out to a charity event for Katie’s Dizzyfeet foundation to celebrate National Dance Day so of course I walked over, introduced myself and started being best friends with her. She told me she loved my jeans, to which I replied “you can get your own at Forever 21 for 12.90!” Next, I wanted to punch myself in the face. Did I just admit to fashionista Katie Holmes (person least likely to have ever stepped foot in a Forever 21) that I shop at Forever 21? I bet even Suri wears designer denim. I am so un-cool. I grabbed some watermelon slices and sat back down in shame.

I am not a big fan of people snapping pictures of little ones so I waited until they were about to leave and snapped an adorable little hand in hand moment.

In the audience last night were Ellen and Portia De Rossi. It took most of my human control to not run into the audience, sit on Portia’s lap and gush about how rad her book Unbearable Lightness was. I also saw my favorite all-star TWITCH and had no problem running over to him and giving him a massive hug and telling him how awesome he is.

Cat came out at the top of the show and was wearing a weird white, fish scale dress with added hip fabric. She is the only person that can ADD inches to her hips and look good. On anyone else it would look like a bad pair of fish spanx, but of course on Cat it looks like perfection. Damn you Cat Deeley! Cat was also rocking the hairbraid which just last week I mentioned in my “Things I Love Thursdays.” Maybe she reads my blog? Eeeeee!!!!

Last night there were two guest judges, Rob Marshall and a little popstar you might have heard of called Lady Gaga. I felt bad for Mr. Marshall and his spray tan because as brilliant as he is with his 4 Emmys, 6 Tonys, 2 Oscars and his ability to call everyone a “STAR”, no one really cared about what he was saying. Gaga stole the show. I have to be honest, I am not really a Gaga fan. I’ve always felt like she was such a talent, and all the costume and egg wearing got in the way of her talent. Well, I became a fan last night. Even in her teal wig, Red dragon suit and giant leather hat Gaga was so well spoken and affected by the dancers it really touched me. It was so apparent how important art is to her and how much she loved dance. At one point after Marco danced with Allison Holker Gaga’s tears were threatening to run her eyeliner and giant fake mole right off her face. It was truly touching and a very special moment for SYTYCD.

I got the chance to speak with Gaga’s creative director Laurie Ann Gibson + she gave me the INSIDER INFORMATION that in the spirit of the show, Lady Gaga would be DANCING at tonight’s the elimination show!