Kat Von D Vents on Facebook: ‘What Can I Say? I Suck’

After walking out on LA morning show Good Day LAyesterday, Kat Von D took to her Facebook last night and vented in an entry entitled, “What Can I Say? I Suck.”

Kat laid out her frustrations in the lengthy manifesto posted onto her Facebook page, in which she addresses her breakup with Jesse James and her departure from the morning show.

“In my relationship I never before felt as solid and strong- even though the world said different by all the criticism,” she wrote. “Lost a lot of friends, and even caused turmoil within some of my family members because of the bulls**t the media put out there.

She also wrote that she “never planned on walking away from this relationship, let alone the timing of things.”

“Most of the time I’m good at rolling with the punches when things don’t go ‘as planned.’ But somehow, I allowed today to get the best of me. As much as I’d like to picture me being this strong, independent woman, the truth is most of the time I’m not as strong as I’d like to be – but I’m still trying.”

See the entire ‘What Can I Say? I Suck’ entry here.

As reported yesterday, Kat walked out just moments prior to her appearance on Good Day LA – right after the show played a clip of the upcoming episode of LA Ink in which Kat gets a tattoo of Jesse’s face inked on her ribcage. Apparently she didn’t want to talk about Jesse or the breakup.

The tattoo of Jesse’s face on Kat’s ribcage

A producer for the show told RadarOnline: “I think it was unprofessional on her part. I don’t know what she expected.”

“In the middle of the clip airing, someone told me there was a problem and within 20 seconds Kat was out the door … she just walked out. She was literally gone in 20 seconds. She didn’t even stay to discuss what she was upset about.”

Kat’s side of the story?

“Although my intentions were never to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings, this isn’t an apology for walking out on a silly morning show interview this morning- and this isn’t an attempt at justifying anything either.”

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