My June Top 10 Chart!

Sorry for the late, but lately I’ve been so busy: studying for two exams and a couple of events of the last week (I promised to post about them too), made me feel really really out to Buzznet and I didn’t post so much about me and I’m so sorry, but now I want to remedy and here there’s my top 10 of my June’s most listened songs!

Video links includes in the title tracks 😉

#10 Pretty Girl Rock – Keri Hilson

Ok, this is not so a new song, but I loved the video so much and then I started to listen the song, I think it’s a really catchy song perfect for the enterteinment. Joseph Kahn, the video director, is my fav ever and he is so original and creative, if you don’t watch or listen the video yet, follow Keri Hilson through the decades in the video for her single “Pretty Girl Rock,” directed by Joseph Kahn. Keri transforms herself into women who have paved the way for black female artists, including Josephine Baker, the first world-famous African-American entertainer; singer Dorothy Dandridge; disco queens Diana Ross and Donna Summers; dance music legend Janet Jackson; and R&B trio TLC.

#9 Sweat – Snoop Dogg

Probably a lot of you prefer David Guetta remix, but I have to admit, that remix is not in my style, but the original version with Snoop Dogg solo rap and that ghetto beat is damn cool! Snoop is a great artist, for him is enough to stay in front the camera and he does the magic, he can to don’t anything and he’s perfect!

#8 Don’t Stop The Party – B.E.P.

Very disco track, perfect for the beach and for the summer time! BEP one more time catch the moment and the success arrives in a second! Maybe not their best singles but I’m sure it will remain in the mind of a lot of people. Jump, dance and enjoy the party!

#7 Iridescent – Linkin Park

For the third time, Linkin Park firm “Transformers” OST, and for the third time they arrive to the aim! Oh God, it’s so rare to arrive to the heart of the people everytime and especially write a great soundtrack for the third time. This song is completely different to the first two, this is more a ballad, a romantic song and a introspective song… but I really really love it! Great atmospheres!

#6 Space Bound – Eminem

Also this month Eminem is part of my chart, because finally it’s been released the video, and I have to see, I really love it! Eminem is an amazing artist and I really love his way to write the song and the concept of his videos. Space Bound reminds me the old style of Eminem, during the Lose Yourself era, with a touch more mature and I have to say that his come back is one of the most waited for me and I’m so proud of his two last albums, two albums you can’t forget to have in your collection.

#5 Dove Sono I Colori – Alessandra Amoroso

My little Alessandra come back with another great single, “Dove sono i colori” (Where are the colors), 4th single from her second album “Il Mondo In Un Secondo” (The World In A Second), 5th most sold album in Italy in 2010, and after 10 months it’s still in the Italian charts at #24. I really love this song (well, I love all her songs) and it’s talk about a love story between a young boy and a young girl and they discover again the colors of the life.

#4 Fumo & Malinconia – Grido Ft. Sylvie Simbi

This song is soooooooooooo awesome and damn catchy! It’s been love at first heard, really! Grido is an Italian rapper, J-Ax brother (another Italian rapper) and member of Gemelli DiVersi, an Italian group. This is his first solo project and “Fumo & Malinconia” (Smoke & Melancholy) is his first single. The refrain says: “Without you, life is like smoke and melancholy”, I think everyone of you said once in the life to the one you love who he/she means all for him and when he/she is distant all is hard. Well, this is just what the song talks about.

#3 Moment 4 Life – Nicki Minaj ft. Drake

This little Barbie is so talented, this song is my obsession: I think she should works a lot on her rap side, because she rocks and leave the commercial and house/techno beat to other singers less talented than her! I appreciated her in TTWE remix with Britney and I’m so sad she will not in the European leg of Femme Fatale Tour, I really would to see her! This song has the perfect beat and I can’t get enough!

#2 Behind The Mask – Michael Jackson

Michael left us on June 25, 2009! But I think he’s never been here, among us, as in those two last years. His music continues to rock our stereos and our lives… and Behind The Mask is the new single, with a really cute video, the best fan made video I’ve ever seen in my whole life. This show how much people love Michael Jackson and support him! I think he’s proud to all of them!

#1 I Wanna Go – Britney Spears

And of course, at the top of my list, there’s the Queen of Pop, Miss Britney Spears. I’m completely addicted to this song in its video! It’s so fresh, it’s so funny and it’s perfect for summer night! You have to dance on this song, you can’t resist to the beat! I think this is one of the strong points of Britney’s music: to be always catchy and new!

Go Britney Go!

So, which’s your June Top 10? There’s a song you love in my chart or one you never listened and you like it?