Hair Timeline



-Caption corresponds to the picture BELOW it.

-I know this isn’t very impressive, but I will continue to add to it, and do more crazy colors.


1. (NOT PICTURED): Red tips. Natural hair color, but I had red tips. My friend Morgan did it at her lakehouse. We blowdryed it, which helped enhance the color. (Color: Color Fiend in Fuschia, no longer available at Hot Topic, but I believe you can find it on eBay).

2. No dye. Natural color. (Natural curly hair)

3. Blue streak. My mom helped me bleach a steak and dye it. I really like this color. (Hair straightened) (Color: Raw Demi-Permanent hair dye in Turquiose, available at Hot Topic).

4. Pink streak. I dyed the faded turquoise streak (which turned a pale green) pink. This was my first time dying my hair on my own. (Half straightened and half natural curly) (Color: Color Fiend in Fuschia, same color as used in #1)

5. Dark brown. My aunt’s friend, who is a professional hair dresser, dyed my hair for me one day during summer ’10. I loved this color so much! (Straightened hair) (Color: Garnier Nutrisse in Darkest Brown, available in drugstores, and Target and Walmart)

6. Two blue streaks. I added two blue streaks to the dark brown. They eventually faded into green though, and the dye never really came out of me hair): (Naturally curly hair) (Color: Splat! hair dye in Blue, available in drugstores everywhere)

7. Dyed my hair dark brown again. My mom did this for me. (Naturally curly hair) (Color: Same color as #5)

8. Purple streak. My aunt’s friend (the same one who helped me with hair #5), bleached two streaks in my hair, and I later dyed them purple. This was my favorite hairstyle, and I loved the purple! It’s my favorite color right now. (Straightened hair) (Color: Raw Demi-Permanent Dye in Deep Purple, available at Hot Topic)

9. Bleached ends. I bleached the ends of my hair myself. I also really loved this hair! One thing I had to do was deep condition the ends ever night, because the bleach really dried them out. (Straightened hair) (Color: Raw White-Out Bleach in Vol. 30, available at Hot Topic)

10. Dyed bangs. I dyed the bangs part of my bleached hair purple, although it showed up more blue than purple. (Straightened hair) (Color: The same purple color as used in the streaks in hair #8)

11. Purple streaks. I tried to re-dye the bleached part with Clairol’s Nice’N’Easy (bad idea), and it turned some of my hair green!!! I had to cover up the green with purple, and I had to cut off my bangs because they were green! (Straightened hair) (Color: Same purple color as seen in the streaks in hair #8)

12. Re-bleached tips. I re-bleached the ends of my hair so they were platinum blonde. I don’t like this as much, and I’m glad I only kept it for about a week. (Straightened hair) (Color: Raw White Out bleach in Vol. 40)

13. Dyed tips. I dyed the tips mostly blue, but I added two purple streaks and two pink streaks just to add more color. I put the pink on the two streaks that I bleached in Hair 8 (Yes, they were still there!) (Naturally curly hair) (Color: Raw Demi-Permanent hair dye in True Blue, Manic Panic Amplified Semi-Perrmanent dye in Cotton Candy Pink, the purple is the same purple used in the streaks in hair #8)

14. Hair cut. I cut my hair (alone) in my room a day after I dyed it. I had no choice. The ends were very damaged and couldn’t be repaired. I’m glad I made the decision to cut it, it’s a lot healthier now. I layered it myself, (I got a technique from THIS YouTube tutorial video: //, try it out. It’s easier than you think.) (Straightened hair) (Color: Same colors shown as in hair #13)

15. Re-dyed. The tips of my hair were so faded and gross looking, so after the movies, my friend and I went to CVS and bought some hair dye for me. I dyed my hair the following day. (Straightened hair) (Color: Garnier Fructis in Light Mahogany Dark Brown, available at drugstores, and Target and Walmart) (NOTE: You can’t really tell what color it is in the picture, but it’s a very dark brown with red and purple highlights. I suggest using it, it looks awesome!)

16. I recently purchased some cheap, artifical purple extentions from Sally’s Beauty Supplies. I’m not a fan of artifical hair, but I love them! Hopefully, I’ll be able to replace them with better quality extentions soon, I wanna give my hair a bit of a break from dying it. (Straightened hair) (Color: The same color from hair #15, the extentions were purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I’ve also seen artificial extentions at Claire’s and Hot Topic)

17. 7-27-11: Red hair. Purple extentions. Also, I cut off a few inches. (Straightened hair) (Color: Garnier Fructis Ulta Color in Medium Intense Auburn from drugstore/ Target, purple extentions from hair #16).

Thanks for looking at my HAIR TIMELINE! I will be adding to it, I promise you that.

Some things I’d like to do in the near future:

-bleach it and dye it lavender (most likely Manic Panic’s Lie Locks)

-bleach the underlayers of my hair, and have the overlayers be dark brown

-add bleached accents to dark hair

-put purple, blue or red into it somehow

-get REAL coontails (currently, I have a blue/black coontail which I bought at Claire’s, but I would some real ones.)