Where Do The Geek Elite Shop?

Ever wondered how your favorite geek can never afford to eat out but always seems to have a new FedEx parcel on their doorstep? In some cases it is wizardry (accio Gears Of War 3!), but most often it’s a little insider nerd knowledge – or INN – at play. Today’s INN shines a penlight on the geekiest sale site on the web, Twipster.com. Each day there is a comic and collectable bargain to ahhh over, plus there’s a “supermega deal of the week”, which is as supermega as the name suggests. This week’s SMD is the Scott Pilgrim Boxset for half price – YWOZA!

Remember sharing INN makes you 7% taller, so if you have any great shopping secrets for your fellow geeks let us know in the comments.