Flashback Friday: 10 Things We Wanted When We Were Kids

Remember all the toys that you had as a kid? No matter what we had, we always wanted something new! Now that we’re older and can afford most of these things, most of the things are not quite age appropriate anymore – bummer. But that’s what Flashback Friday is for: to reminisce about what once was, what we once had, and what we wanted once but never had.

Here are 10 things we wanted when we were kids:

1. Little Tikes Kitchen Set

The kitchen probably doesn’t excite most of us today, with all the slaving away cooking (GROAN) and dishes to be done (DOUBLE GROAN). But as kids, we wanted to be like the adults and play “house” by pretending to cook, clean and serve meals.

2. Barbie Dream House

Practically every little girl had a love for Barbie – and acquiring her dream house was the icing on the beautifully decorated cake!

3. Reebok Pumps

Whether it was used to play basketball, kickball or some game with a ball out on the playground or just wearing while taking a trip to the mall, Reebok pumps were the coolest kicks!

4. Barbie Jeep

So Barbie had the dream house… How would she be able to get around should she want to actually leave her house and go somewhere else? Answer: the Barbie Jeep! Compact enough to be considered a toy but spacious enough to fit two children, the Barbie Jeep was the preferred transportation of choice!

5. Prizes

A lot of elementary and middle schools held fundraisers having their students sell a certain quota for a prize or cash incentive. When I was in grade school, it was Avon – and one year I was the highest seller and won a hundred dollars (which went straight to my parents, who did the actual selling – and buying!) as well as some super-cool prizes (as seen in the flyer above). Way to teach us how to be business and marketing folks!

6. Michelle Tanner Dolls

A doll after Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s character on Full House? In the words of Michelle Tanner: “YOU GOT IT DUDE!” Who better to have afternoon tea with?

7. Racecar Bed

Racecars: they’re not just for driving anymore! Sleeping in a racecar as your bed – TOTALLY RAD!

8. Easy Bake Oven

Cookies, brownies, cakes and sweets galore – every child’s dream! Much like the Little Tikes Kitchen Set, the Easy Bake Oven fulfilled childrens’ wishes to be little bakers in such a cute and frilly way. The best part? You don’t need adult supervision AND you get to make delicious treats!

9. Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine

From Super Mario Brothers and Pac Man to Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, video games were all the rage – whether you considered yourself a “gamer” or not. If someone your age had an arcade game machine all their own, they were automatically considered the coolest kid at school!

10. Sanrio Collection

SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! Aside from the ultra-popular and beloved Hello Kitty, there’s Pekkle, Badtz-Maru, Keroppi, Pochacco, Little Twin Stars, Pippo, and Spottie Dottie – just to name a few! And with so many different gadgets and gizmos ranging from pencil cases and mini-trash cans to drawers and little pieces of candy, you just NEED to get them all!

If you could go back in time, which one of these things would you love to have?