Fashion Inspiration: Wintermint

I recently got asked to do a collab with Orbit Gum called “Match My Pack” where I styled an outfit to match one of their new designer Orbit packs. Since teal is my favorite color, I chose the “Wintermint” pack to inspire my outfit. The pack has hues of teal, turquoise and even a hint of purple! Those colors are all heavily used in my wardrobe, so it was a perfect fit! I chose to wear a teal, vintage baby doll dress with small black polka dots. To give it a hard/rock & roll edge, I paired the dress with my Material Girl black, studded jacket. I also wore my Desperately Seeking Susan inspired headband that I made myself (it’s simple: super glue and lots of ribbons). And to complete the outfit, I wore my signature black Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s (I never leave home without them). I really had a blast putting together this ensemble!

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