Exclusive Interview: Romi Klinger Talks ‘The Real L Word’

Everyone knows that I am an big supporter of equal rights. I was thrilled last week when I began getting invited to a truck load of my favorite gay couples weddings in NYC! I am proud that NY has stepped up and I really hope that very, very soon other states follow. It got me thinking and gave me the idea to reach out to my friend Romi who is currently staring on “The Real L Word.”

The Real L Word is Showtime’s completely unscripted reality series that demonstrates what it’s like to be young, gay and living the Los Angeles lifestlye. Cast member Romi Klinger was kind a enough to give me an insight to the show and how she feels about gay rights.

I’ve only met Romi a few times but I can tell you that she has the best energy around. She’s totally crazy + totally in love with life! Anyone around her can’t be but inspired- plus she’s a total babe! I love that Romi lives her life freely without worrying too much about what any one else thinks! And… talk about epic hair!!!

KC: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your past leading up to the show?

RK: I have been working as a makeup artist for the past 10 years, and I teamed up with a friend Vanessa Salazar and we started a fashion blog, tenderromi.com, and a jewelry line called hija por vida. I’ve lived in LA my whole life. I was on season one of “The Real L Word” last year but not as a full cast member. I was involved in theater all throughout middle school, high school and college.

I came out officially at the tender age of 24, but i always knew I was a lesbian…what can I say, I like the ladies! I had two moms from age 12-21 and my father passed away 4 years ago from cancer. I miss him.

KC: How did you come to be a full cast member on the show?

RK: Wellllllllll, in the first season I was dating Whitney. We all know what happened next…the infamous strap on scene. Need I say more…? Showtime immediately invited me back, and offered me the opportunity to share my story and become a full cast member. They realized I had more to offer than my vagina.

KC: Did I mention I like Romi because she uses the word Vagina freely like I do?! Why do you think the show is so popular?

RK: This show offers a glimpse into the lives of lesbian women out of LA.

KC: What do you think about all the horrible stories about young kids who are gay committing suicide? What would you say to them to help?

RK: It’s a serious tragedy that needs to be addressed. It’s sad that these children feel neglected when there is such a huge community out here that could offer support. Hopefully my show offers some sort of reprieve from the small town mentality that some of these kids live in.

KC: If you could say one thing to the people who do not support gay rights what would it be?

RK: Who are you to judge…love is love…let us be.

KC: I love that. Have you ever had any regrets about being so open and showing all of america your life on TV?

RK: Nothing is a regret in my life, let alone the show. I own it. Everything I did on the show is a part of life…what is there to regret? People wanted the “REAL” thing, and that’s what they got and get. My story hits a lot of topics that may be considered Tabu, so I feel that people can relate. Hopefully people can appreciate what I have decided to share with them. Maybe it helps…maybe it doesn’t, but this is me.

KC: You are multi- talented. You have been a stylist, make-up artist, and now you have your blog. Is there anything you cannot do?

RK: Spell or Punctuate.

KC: Me too! ahhhhhhh!!!! If you had three wishes what would they be?

RK:That my jewelry line Hija Por Vida is successful; purchase a house that could house my family; that one day I can be married (legally) and have a family of my own.

KC: What inspires you?

RK: I find inspiration in a lot of things, some of them being: fashion, love, life, beauty, women, and all things Mexican (that’s me!!)

KC: Will you be appearing on the next season of the real L word?

RK: If they asked me back, I would definitely do it again.

For more on ROMI visit tenderromi.com