Exclusive: Disney’s A.N.T. Farm Star Stefanie Scott on Boys, Style and Music

Stefanie Scott and I share the same manager + I was invited along to the Mr Poppers Penguins Premiere with her a few weeks ago. It was just a week before her new Disney Show A.N.T Farm debuted to stellar ratings and Stefanie made the move from “girl who played young Natalie Portman in No Strings Attached” to a bon-a-fied Disney Star. The good news is that she’s one of the sweetest girls I have met, she is NOTHING like the character she plays on tv, LEXI. She deserves all of her success and is completely in awe of all her dreams coming true! The other good news is that she loves to dress in bright colors so you won’t ever loose her at the mall.

I got invited by Stefanie to come on set with her (and inside her dressing room, eeeee!!!!) to chat about A.N.T Farm, her lack of boyfriend, her style and get the scoop on her musical talents!

Check out what I wore to the set!

How adorable is she? Who is excited for A.N.T Farm?