Demi Lovato Makes The Biggest Comeback A Girl Can Dream Of

Demi Lovato has been a household name to teenagers across america but with leaving a hit disney show and putting her career on hold to enter rehab so many thought she was done. But just this last couple of weeks Demi has had plenty of buzz about her new single skyscraper. Calling her fans Lovatics, they have been blowing up twitter with tweets like “Skyscraper has saved my life thank you so much.” and “YOU did it!! You made the biggest comeback of the year! #SKYSCRAPER! I love you! Your the strongest girl!

So naturally when i see so many tweets i have to go exploring. Demi opens up with “Skies are crying” You can hear the hurt and pain that has built up for so many years. she hits the chorus and you feel you are looking right into her soul.”Go on and try to tear me down I will be rising from the ground Like a skyscraper.” Demi has been suffering from being bullied and an eating disorder since the age of 7. This song has a different sound then most of her fans are used to. She sounds more wiser and has a better understand of things. ” You can take everything I haveYou can break everything I am Like I’m made of glass Like I’m made of paper.”

Fans are glad she is back and are truley inspired sending tweets like “skyscraper by @ddlovato should be an anthem for teen girls round the world who believe they’re not worthy.You’re such a role model girl!” and “you have describe my life.. thanks for keeping me strong and safe.” The single was released just last week and is already hitting number one on the itunes chats. The video which is just as simple as can be is also currently number one. You can check out the video here //

Demi is also getting hollywood talking about the single and her new album

Jojo tweeted:UMM Woah woah woah @ddlovato … Just heard Skyscraper and I have much love 2 share. Firstly- YOU KILLED IT. Secondly, the emotion that you conveyed through your vocal delivery was so palpable and honest. Your vulnerability was bold. Cheers, love. For real.

and Pete Wentz amazing when people put themselves into their art completely. #np skyscraper by @ddlovato Katy Perry The new song Skyscraper by @ddlovato is pure perfection. Her voice is one of the BEST undiscovered beauties. Can’t wait for the full record.

Make sure you check out the video and the song atleast once! My guess is Skyscraper will be on repeat for the next couple of days xoxo-Gabbie

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