Comic Con 2011: Wrapping It Up Like a Burrito

In my wildest dreams, I could not imagine what a large and strange beast Comic Con was/is. I am going to spare you the mega-long blog because if you were at Comic Con this year, I’m pretty sure you are over needlessly long anything for the rest of your life.

Actually, this post is probably going to be very long and full of more whine than the Napa Valley. Get it? I’m so clever!

If you want to see everything I missed because I was in line for panels that were longer than snow leopards tails (I went to the Zoo while I was in San Diego), check out RiotLainie’s Comic Con Galleries and Zilla’s Cos Play Party.

~ Here is my Comic Con experience ~

Missing: A-Skars & Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) – True Blood Q & A

Friday was kind of like what I think Purgatory would be like if it were real and awesome at the same time. I tried to make it down to Comic Con for the The Walking Dead panel but let me tell you why that didn’t happen.

Most of the really popular panels are held in large rooms where people line up many hours in advance. The room where The Walking Dead was at seated about seven thousand people. When I got to that line in the morning there were already thousands of people ahead of me. Most of them were waiting for the True Blood panel which was at 5pm. That room was also going to be seating Bones (which was canceled), Eureka, and Warehouse 13.

I was in line all day for about 5-6 hours. It was pretty whackbawlz. The panels for Eureka and Warehouse 13 were pretty interesting, though. The True Blood panel was also really cool. If you thought that A-Skars was dreamy on TV, he was even more dreamy IRL. It was great to see the cast be so appreciative of their cast mates and their fans. A-Skars was asked about more “non-shirtness” and what not. You can read all the little tid bits from that panel here – The Scoop from the True Blood Q & A.

I also watched a steampunk regulate some line cutters and it was one of the most magical things I have ever seen in my entire life. This dude who was dressed up all olde tyme-y told some line cutter to get out of line. Unfortunately that person didn’t listen. Then, with a quick YOINK and yell, he tossed the guy out of line… and it was ~glorious~


Saturday was really rad. I had a bunch to do, but because of the lines most of it didn’t happen. Rather than miss out on all the awesome, I just went with stuff I wanted to check out and called it a day. I went to the Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Gathering and the panel for Legend of Korra.

The fan gathering was really cool because we got to sit in a room with other Avatar fans and talk about something we all loved. One of the writers and a storyboard artist were there along with some of the voice actors.

Fan panels are awesome if you want to find out the behind the scenes information about your favorite topics. There are cool surprises and lots of info to absorb. I recommend them!

Next, I went on over to the hall where the Legend of Korra was going to be. This meant that I had to sit in some other panels that I thought I wasn’t going to care for but then I found them to be really interesting.

First, I sat through a voice over panel. That sounds kind of boring but let me tell you, it was one of the most hilarious things ever. Two of the voice actors for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were there along with voice persons for cartoons like The Power Puff Girls, The Tick, Thundercats, The Avengers and Spider-Man. Amazing, right?

They did a cold read of Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs that had everyone laughing up a storm:

This is all I can post because apparently, Buzznet does not like iFrame videos. That, however, is the awesome video clip I recorded. It is PURE GOLD.

Next was the Marvel “Cup o’ Joe” panel. There was not even any coffee there, but this dude named Joe was there. And then I pretty much just did this:

I didn’t really care about whatever they were talking about except when they brought up Deadpool (there is going to be a villain that is made up out of Deadpool parts that were lost in previous battles!). One person in the crowd asked Marvel if they were every going to not have a movie with a bunch of white dudes in it and everyone applauded because um, YOU KNOW. Most of the Marvel movies are about white dudes being all manly and not much else. Marvel also gave a whack answer that was all UM HELLO X-MEN IS ALL ABOUT DIVERSITY and everyone was all UM NOT REALLY. Marvel also said that they pretty much just needed to get all the big characters out of the way so that people could then become interested in the not-so-main characters. OK WE GET IT. Next panel please.

~ The Legend of Korra ~

This was pretty much what my Saturday was for. I am so excited for this next series that picks up 70 years or so after Avatar: The Last Airbender. I can’t even tell you how absolutely gorgeous the trailer for the series was. If you google it, I’m sure you can find it but lots of them have been taken down already.

All I can say is that there are a lot of steampunk elements (at least that’s what the show’s creators are saying) involved and it is SO EXPANSIVE. The Avatar universe this time around is going to be amazing. Check out my post full of information here: Sneak Peek of the Legend of Korra Gallery

Le Sunday

Sunday was pretty much Dr. Who day. I didn’t even care because Dr. Who is basically the best. This panel was held in Hall H (which stands for Hall Hella-normous). It’s a ten thousand-person hall. And it was full. It was standing room only when I got in there. I got in there when the GLEE panel was happening and I haven’t watched GLEE since like, the first season and I didn’t even care, TBQH.

Lots of fans were asking Darren Criss questions and he was explaining to the rest of his cast what the ships were and all this other stuff from the fandom that had the panel going LOLWUT. He pretty much knows everything about GLEE fandom and is quite a charmer.

After the GLEE panel, it was time for Supernatural. I tried to watch that when it first came out and I wasn’t really into it. I guess now it is a big deal because it was in Hall H and everyone was all screaming at these two dudes like there was no tomorrow:

Wincest. Eww.

We got to see the season six gag real and that was pretty funny. We also got to watch a clip for the Supernatural anime and it looked interesting in a dull kind of way. Sue me. One thing that you learn about Comic Con (and pretty much everywhere, really) is that everything is a matter of taste. Some people like some things, some people don’t. It’s cool. It’s going to be okay if people don’t like what you like.

Sidebar: To touch more on this topic, I will share a line story. In the True Blood line, this one dude kept going on about how True Blood was garbage and that it sucked and blah blah blah. We get it dude. The thing was, he told this to a tiny child. While I felt that he was being a dick to her, when the dad asked the tiny-ling what she thought of people not liking the show of her choice, she said that it was cool because some things weren’t for everyone. That guy was still a bunghole though.

Anyway, the Dr. Who panel:

Le Amy Pond – Karen Gillan (in case you can’t read the placard)

Le Doctor – Matt Smith

Okay so, Dr. Who. This panel was SO MUCH FUN I CAN’T EVEN. Some Dalek’s asked the Doctor some questions. There was even a weeping angel that must have been like 8 years old 11 years old (thanks to the mom for correcting me on this! Most adorable child ever!). Oh and there was a tiny Dr. Who as well. Good times.

We found out that something goes wrong with time in the next season and the trailer is pretty amazing:

UM WHY IS RIVERSONG WEARING AN EYEPATCH? That’s what I want to know. I can hardly even wait. YUS.

Here are some Dr. Who tid bits we found out during the panel:

– Matt Smith came up with the tweed blazer and bow tie on his own. – Karen’s favorite aliens: Sisters of Platitude – Matt: Weeping Angles– Matt received an instruction manual for the TARDIS on his first day of work.– If Dr. Who could cross over with any show, Karen would choose Star Trek: The Next Generation & Matt would choose True Blood

Comic Con is amazing. It’s also overwhelming, but if you are a fan of anything there it’s definitely worth the awkward conversations in all the lines that you will have. My only suggestion would be to go with people that enjoy the things you do. Heaven forbid you have to lose your spot in line so that you can go to the bathroom or go eat.

Take snacks and water. Most importantly, DRESS UP!

Did you go to Comic Con this year? What upcoming Comic Con movies and TV shows do you want to see most?