Come DJ With Buzznet on!

Ever wanted to test our your DJ skills? Or are you looking to find out what sort of music other Buzznet users are listening to? Do you just like hanging out?

Well, then, get yourself over to the Buzznet room on!

Not familiar with Turntable? Well, it’s a new social utility, still mostly in beta form, where you can hear and share your musical tastes, vote songs up or down (up gives the DJ more “points,” voting it down can result in skipping a song that the room just isn’t in the mood for) and chat while you’re doing it. As soon as Bree and I had been fooling around with it for about an hour we realized that we were hooked…and that Buzznet, with it’s eclectic group of music fans and playlilst warriors, needed our own room.

The room’s actually existed for about a week or so now, and it’s already been a pretty interesting ride. We’ve, obviously, had some massive pop-punk and Warped Tour friendly sets, but we’ve also had “more indie than thou art” contests and even a slightly embarassing “90’s One Hit Wonders” night. Do you kids remember LEN? No? Probably for the best.

Turntable is technically in a closed beta, but not THAT closed. If you have a friend on Facebook who’s a member, you’re in. So come, DJ with us!