Clip-in Hair Extentions: ARTIFICIAL vs. REAL


When dealing with extensions, which is better to purchase: ARTIFICIAL or REAL?

(NOTE: ‘Artificial hair extentsions’ may also be called ‘Synthetic hair extentsions)

Personally, I prefer REAL because they’re easier to manage. And if you have curly hair (like me), it’s easier to curl them so they’ll blend in better.



-Who: If you have naturally very straight fine/thin hair, artifical are ideal for you because they will match the density/ straightness of your hair. You won’t have to adjust them.

-Price: A lot cheaper than real extensions

-Maintenance: Run a comb through them daily to keep them from being tangled

NOTES: Because they are artificial, DO NOT condition them or put product on them. The product will merely make them look extrememly greasy. Also, be careful when were them frequently, because they will collect the natural oils from your hair which will also make them look greasy.


-Who: If you have thick, wavy, or curly hair, real extensions are more ideal for you. It will be easier to adjust them to match the texture of your hair. Although, anyone can use them with any hair type.

Price: Depending on where you go, the average is $40-$500

-Maintenance: Condition at least once a week, and run a comb through them daily to keep them from getting tangles

NOTES: You can condition them, brush them, straighten them, curl them, put product in them and cut them. They also look a lot healthier than ARTIFICIAL extensions.


What do the experts say?



// (<— I highly suggest looking at this link, they have a nice chart that gives you more information)


Research for yourself too! Do some of your own research, and check stores to see what their prices are for different extensions. Find a good brand. Find a good locations. Good luck!

Making your own REAL extensions: //

I also suggest checking this website for cheap, REAL hair extensions: //