The Evolution of Chloe Sevigny

It’s hard to make the argument that there is anyone cooler than Chloe Sevigny. She interned at our favorite publication of all time, Sassy, and was so stylish she was even featured in the magazine. By the age of 19 she had modeled for X-Girl, starred in the Sonic Youth “Sugar Kane” video, and appeared as the subject of a seven-page article in The New Yorker. The article was about how Chloe was the new “it-girl”, and now, 17 years later, she has yet to lose the title. Ever since her debut in KIDS, Chloe has chosen interesting, challenging, and often controvertial roles, and earned an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe along the way.

It also helps that she has possibly the best style of any present-day actress, off-beat and fashion-forward yet still totally accessible, and all without the help of a stylist. She’s so well known for her impeccable taste that Opening Ceremony tapped her to colloborate on a clothing line, and the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony line (now on its third collection) is one of the most coveted fashion releases of each season.

This gallery then is less of a fashion evolution, since Chloe has pretty much nailed since the beginning, but a retrospective of all of her greatest hits.

Click through and comment on your favorite looks.


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