The Evolution Of Charlize Theron

The great land of South Africa has given the world many things. Nelson Mandela. The music of Die Antwoord. 1980’s smash hit (maybe it wasn’t a smash hit but a hit nonetheless) film The Gods Must Be Crazy. And of course, arguably their most beautiful national treasure, Charlize Theron. The 36 year old actress got her big break in 1996 in the super awesome super weird 2 Days In The Valley, but it was her turn as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in 2003’s Monster that really solidified her place in Hollywood’s A-List. The role earned her a slew of awards, including a Best Actress Oscar, and thus began an uninterrupted streak of red carpet fashion magic from the leggy blonde. Theron epitomizes the essence of Old Hollywood glamour without the kitchy nostalgia; her looks are often stunning yet simple, and rarely over the top.

Click through the gallery to see her fashion evolution, and comment on your favorite looks. What do you think of Charlize’s red carpet style?


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