The Cab FINALLY Gives Us a Release Date (and Track List!) for ‘Symphony Soldier’

So, it’s finally here. The Cab’s sophomore album, which we’ve been promised for almost a year is finally, actually, really, truly going to be released. We will have Symphony Soldiers.

On August 23rd.

It was actually almost a year ago that Buzznet dropped the news about Symphony Soldiers and it’s original plan to release in Fall of 2010. Obviously this did not happen. Since then, The Cab have gone through some personel changes, left the Decaydance label and recruited good friend and former member Ian Crawford (currently doing the solo thing and touring as the lead guitarist for Panic! at the Disco) to appear on the album.

Well, now we’re finally going to get 12 new tracks from the NFG-meets-N’Sync band. So, start your speculation, because here’s the track list:

01) Angel with a Shotgun02) Temporary Bliss03) Bad04) Endlessly05) Intoxicated06) Animal07) La La08) Her Love is My Religion09) Another Me10) Grow Up and Be Kids11) Lovesick Fool12) Living Louder

There’s a full review on Absolute Punk which states “Being a symphony soldier is more than just standing up for the music you love – it’s a statement.” So, here’s the question, Buzznet: will you be on the frontlines on August 23rd?