Britney Spears Then and Now: Much Better!

I think we all remember exactly where we were when Britney Spears shaved her head and subsequently went on to make her worst video of all time.

The original video for “Gimme More” has just been leaked onto the interwebz and all i can say is wow. It is completely untouched by Brit’s disaster relief team, who seem to have been on vacay for most of 2007. From now on we can all agree that no one should let a falling pop star have full control over their creative endeavors.

Even the most sexually provocative of music videos usually have some form of a plot line… whereas Britney consistantly finds it acceptable to just walk and wiggle in front of the camera. You know things are BAD when one of the highest selling artists of all time’s videos is outdone by a housewife.

Original “Gimme More” Video (2007):

Watching that video made me crave production value like a crackrock – let’s move on.

I Wanna Go” video (2011):

Thank God! Britney is back. Finally, a video directed by a competant human being that shows off Britney’s goofy side. Did I mention that I LOVE this song? Between the catchy beat and the fact that they play it on the Summer by Bravo commercials, I have nothing but positive associations with this tune.

Remember when she was just a really cool goob?

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