Britney Spears Street Team [June 29th, 2011]

Finally I had a little bit of time to post this gallery about the street team I did a couple of weeks ago with another girl, who loves Britney too.

We did it for to promote Britney Spears new single “I Wanna Go” and also “Femme Fatale” and I have to say that, I don’t know if it our merit but I saw that “I Wanna Go” is having and incredible success and only yesterday I watched three times the video on tv.

Unluckily we were only in two and I know it’s not so good to talk about a street team, because a team is a group of persons and not only two, but we tried to do all our best, and also left the throwaway to a couple of friends of mine in the station’s kiosk and at the music store to the salesgirl who always is damn kind with me and always helps me when I have to order something about Britney or Tokio Hotel.

Then we went in the sea area, you know my city is on the sea, and we took advantage of the sunny day and the hope to find young guys for to give them the throwaways… even though not all was so kind and a couple refused to have it!

By the way, this is the gallery with our pics and I hope you like it!

Continue to support Britney and her music!