My Big GLEE-Ful ‘YES!’ Moment

Believe it or not, there was once a time I didn’t like the show Glee. The first time I attempted to watch it, I went into my living room one night and found my mom and younger brother glued to the TV, watching the program. I’d heard a lot of great things about Glee prior, so I figured I’d give it a chance.

I hated it. I thought it was so confusing and super cheesy – I mean, I like musicals to an extent, but this one was way strange. I didn’t watch another episode of Glee for months. My two close friends, who happened to be uberfans of the show, decided that we were going to have a marathon since I told them I hadn’t really watched it. For 6 straight hours one day, I sat on their couch watching Glee from the very beginning. I figured I would either hate it and would want to find a reason to leave or love it.

Something happened: I didn’t hate it. I was instantly sucked in while watching the first episode! The storyline was captivating and it wasn’t as cheesy as I’d thought. When the second half of the first season started up again, I had become an honest-to-goodness fan. Every week like clockwork, my friends and I would partake in “Glee Nights,” a Glee episode viewing party.

Fast forward to a year later: I’m excitedly anticipating the next week’s new episode. One day I noticed on the Glee Facebook page that they were announcing a contest to win to attend the Regionals taping. All you had to do was send your information to an email address to qualify. I almost didn’t enter – I’ve entered so many major contests before and never won – but luckily, a voice in my head told me to just go for it. What did I have to lose? It was just the click of a mouse, after all. I sent the email and completely forgot.

A week later, I checked my email and found this:

“Congratulations! You and a guest are confirmed to attend the GLEE Regional’s taping!!”

The first thought that came to me was: “YES!!!” followed by “Is this a joke?” I really couldn’t believe it; I had never won anything before – and this was BIG! I had to read it two more times to make sure it was real. Needless to say I went to the taping and had one of the most amazing and inspiring times ever.

I saw them film this… LIVE! Ahhhhhhh

I attended the taping with one of my friends who set up the Glee marathon the year before, and together we had a blast! The entire time I had stars in my eyes and just felt super inspired by all the amazing energy around me. I got to see my favorite characters up close and personal, and even learned a thing or two about my favorite characters. But that wasn’t just it – it validated all that I’ve worked for thus far (in writing and singing back in the day) and gave me hope, inspiration as well as aspiration to be the best I could be.

Glee has made a huge impact on my life and even now I still can’t believe I went!

Moral of the story: Take a chance. You just might get a YES 🙂