Audrey Kitching’s Birthday Surprise Video! All Fans, Please Participate!

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Audrey’s birthday is coming up on July 26th! We are making a birthday video for her, and if you would like to participate in the video, i’m sure it would make the video 10x better!

It’s really easy to participate! You can choose one of these options to put in the video:

  • A picture of you holding a sign that says Happy Birthday Audrey, or something along those lines.
  • A computer generated sign that says Happy Birthday Audrey
  • A video of you wishing Audrey a happy birthday.

Please reblog, buzz, and participate in this! I’m sure Audrey would be so happy to see all of her fans wishing her a happy birthday!

You can send your pictures/videos to me on buzznet,, or on twitter @AudreyKitchFans, or email them to me at!

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