Amy Winehouse’s Dad Hands Out Her Clothes To Mourning Fans: Awesome or Creepy?

Fans staked out and gathered outside Amy Winehouse‘s London home received some unexpected gifts: the dead singer’s personal items, such as clothes, jewelry and trinkets. Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch Winehouse doled out the belongings of his daughter to the mourning fans, saying, “It’s what she would have wanted,” The Sun reports.

“These are Amy’s T-shirts,” Mitch told the crowd. “This is what she would have wanted, for her fans to have her clothes.”

Many of the fans who received her clothes commented on just how much the clothes meant to them. Fan Brigitte Pividial told the paper of the red vest she received, “I will cherish this for the rest of my life.” And another fan John Gallagher, said of the T-shirts: “They were very small in size and skinny, like her figure.”

On the left: Amy’s guitar taken by her family / On the right: a fan who got Amy’s red vest

The more personal items like Amy’s guitar and notebooks were taken by her family. When he left, The Sun reports, Mitch was seen with a pair of Amy’s ballet slippers in his back pocket.

His parting words? “God bless Amy Winehouse.”

Wearing your favorite musician/celebrity’s clothes after they’ve passed away: awesome or creepy? Would you do it?