The Amazing Spiderman Trailer is Finally Here!

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Amidst the Harry Potter frenzy circulating the interwebs, it would appear that the official, high-definition trailer of the highly-anticipated, The Amazing Spider-Man has finally been released.

The newly made reboot follows Peter Parker (played by a very cute and fresh-looking Andrew Garfield) during his teen years, and his journey to becoming the Spider-Man we all know and love. The film, directed by Marc Webb (of 500 Days of Summer fame), is said to stay much truer to the original comic books than the trilogy directed by Sam Raimi, and ditches a few of the original devices that were strong under Raimi’s reign.

For example, Spidey supposedly now gets his web-slinging powers from mechanical web-shooters (this still has not been 100% confirmed), and instead of lusting after Mary Jane Watson, he’s got his radar on Gwen Stacy (portrayed by a radiant, and blonde Emma Stone!)

No word yet on the official plot for the film, but the main antagonist is confirmed as being Dr. Curt Connors. Dr. Curt Connors then transforms into his ultra-evil alter-ego, The Lizard (both portrayed by Rhys Ifans.)

There is also speculation on whether Irrfan Khan will be playing another baddie alter-ego named Proto-Goblin, or just Nels van Adder. The Amazing Spider-Man also features in its cast: Sally Field, Martin Sheen, and Denis Leary (as Aunt May, Uncle Ben, and Gwen’s father George Stacy.)

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters everywhere on July 3rd, 2012. Be sure to check out the first official trailer below! (All images, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly)

Thoughts? Will you see The Amazing Spider-Man?