Alexander Skarsgard Goes From Vampire to… Doctor?

Congratulations are in order for True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard: he graduated from Hogwarts! Okay, not really – but doesn’t the robe make it look like he did?!

Before he had audiences swooning over him as Eric the vampire on True Blood, he briefly attended Leeds Metropolitan University in England before going off to theater school. Alexander was acknowledged for that today, and was presented with an honorary degree from Leeds. Going all out and donning the traditional robe, the 34-year-old actor happily accepted the degree.

Though he was snubbed for an Emmy nomination this year, receiving this honorary degree for his doctorate of the arts makes up for it!

Good looks AND brainy, we approve Alexander.

Next up for the actor: the movie Straw Dogs, which he stars in alongside real-life girlfriend Kate Bosworth.

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