Album Equation: Halos ‘Living Like Kings in Confined Spaces’

I would like to introduce you to some talented buddies of mine, they’re in a band called Halos. Maybe you heard about them from Hanna Beth? Or just because you know all there is to know about music? Anyway. Their album, “Living Like Kings in Confined Spaces” (hey IKEA, you Swedes need a theme song?) is out today and here is what I tell you what it’s LIKE with a simple equation:

The music has this big, wide open space feeling–one might even call it atmospheric–that reminds me of Angels and Airwaves… but without Tom DeLonge’s whiny vox

Brand New

Anger Management. Jesse Lacey always wants to take apart people’s heads and always has something raging inside of him. Halos feel like Brand New, but with a little less of seething sentiment.

Someone sitting in a chair that looks like this. Are they sleeping? Plotting your demise? Petting a Maine Coon feline? You don’t even know. But they probably have their fingertips pressed together and are contemplating some deep, deep things.

Curious? Check Halos out on PureVolume

You can also purchase the album from iTunes or Big Cartel. Party!