10 Not-So-Awkward Facts About The New MTV Series ‘Awkward.’

“High school starts in high school, but it never really ends.” Oh high school – remember those days? MTV is coming out with a new scripted original series calledAwkward. about Jenna, a high schooler who gets to know what high school is REALLY all about. Buzznet’s Patty Gopez attended the press junket for Awkward. this past week and got to sit down with the stars of the show, who gave an inside look at their new series.

Here are 10 not-so-awkward facts about the new show Awkward.:

Beau Mirchoff and Ashley Rickards

1. Buzznet asked stars Ashley Rickards (who plays Jenna) and Beau Mirchoff (who plays Jake) what their most awkward moment has been. One of Ashley’s most awkward moments is “probably when you’re trying to make a joke and then you do and it falls flat because you took too long. Those are always awkward – and happen frequently.” Beau’s most awkward moment was filming a scene where he was “completely naked running through a field.” Hmmm, interesting!

2. If they could pick anyone on the show that they were like in high school, Mike Faiola (who plays Jenna’s dad Kevin) would be like Matty McKibbin “a little bit confused but his head’s in the right place”; Nikki De Loach (who plays Jenna’s mom Lacey) would be a mixture of Jenna and Tamara because she “grew up acting and performing” and was “a little introverted and definitely liked my alone time”; and Desi Lydic (who plays Valerie the school guidance counselor) would be Jenna “definitely knew the feeling of being invisible and liking the guy who doesn’t know you exist” as well as Valerie, except Desi “knew how unpopular [she] was.”

Jessica Lu

3. Awkward is ALL about slang – they even came up with their own “Slangtionary” – and Tamara (played by Jillian Rose Reed) and Ming (played by Jessica Lu) come up with the craziest sayings on the show. Their personal faves: Jillian’s favorite slang on the show is “Big Fail Mary” and “Major-MAJOR,” while Jessica absolutely LOVES “Karmaggedon”!

4. Producer Lauren Iungerich also worked on the TV show 10 Things I Hate About You.

Molly Tarlov

Brett Davern

Greer Grammer

5. According to Molly Tarlov (who plays Sadie), Brett Davern (who plays Jake) and Greer Grammer (who plays Lissa), the cast gets along like a family: “We’d have pool days, we’d hang out at Brett’s a lot. We just became an instant family right after the first day of shooting the pilot. It’s been fun – to go to work everyday with your friends and have it feel like a family is honestly the most incredible experience. Everyone gets along great. We’re friends – we text, we talk, we tweet!”

6. When Buzznet asked Nikki (who was formerly in The Mickey Mouse Club and the girl group Innosense) if she would be singing on the show, she revealed that producer Lauren had spoken about it in the beginning and while Nikki isn’t sure if she’ll pull that card out for season 2, she “would love to really do that because [she] really misses singing A LOT.”

Jillian Rose Reed

7. Despite playing BFFs on the show, Jillian and Jessica had completely polar opposite experiences when having their families watch the show for the first time. While Jessica’s family is more conservative (she had to assure her parents that her character was a “tomboy, who doesn’t have sex”), Jillian’s grandparents are “probably the hippest older people you will ever meet and [her] grandma has more lingo than Tamara has.”

8. Beau’s a HUGE jokester. When asked what the chemistry was like on-set, he quickly answered in a creepy-sounding voice, “Volatile!” and when asked how they prepare to get into their characters, he responded with, “Clothes off in front of the mirror.”

Ashley Rickards

9. Ashley is quite the learned one: she graduated high school at the age of 15 with honors, and when she’s not filming the show, Ashley attends college. She wants to eventually study Philosophy or Psychology.

10. When asked about the overall message of the show, Nikki said it best: “What makes the show so special and unique is the strong female message of empowerment and how you get to determine how you move through the things that happen to you in life and nobody gets to determine that for you, therefore nobody gets to define who you are. You get to do that for yourself.”

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Awkward. premieres on MTV on July 19th at 11/10c.

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