10 Juicy Facts From the Stars of ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’

Comic book fans rejoice: Captain America: The First Avenger is swiftly making its way toward theaters this Friday! Based on the beloved comic book series, the movie is set during World War II with veteran superhero actor Chris Evans starring as war hero Steve Rogers/Captain America.

Buzznet’s Patty and Amy were in attendance at the Captain America: The First Avenger press conference this weekend in Beverly Hills. The three stars of the film Chris Evans (Steve Rogers/Captain America), Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter) and Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes) answered questions and let us in on the inside scoop and behind the scenes information about the movie.

Here are 10 juicy facts straight from the stars of Captain America: The First Avenger:

1. Chris Evans first declined the role of Captain America. Director Joe Johnston revealed that the producers screentested 12-15 different Captain America potentials and Chris was one of them. They offered him the role but he turned it down at first because he didn’t want to do another superhero movie.

2. Tommy Lee Jones might LOOK intimidating, but he’s really “the sweetest guy.” When asked about working with Tommy Lee Jones on the movie, director Joe said, “People are afraid of Tommy Lee Jones, but he’s the sweetest guy.” Awwww!

3. Sebastian Stan was up for the role of Captain America but lost out to Chris Evans. Instead, he played Steve Rogers’ best friend and Captain America’s right hand man, Bucky.

4. … But there were no hard feelings on Sebastian’s part. “I loved it. We really hit it off since the beginning… I’ve known him briefly here and there because it’s a small world in Los Angeles.”

5. Hayley Atwell did some very difficult improv by grabbing Chris Evans’, um… man boob. During a pivotal scene in the movie, Hayley admits, “I couldn’t help myself. I hadn’t seen him with his top off until that moment. It was like, ‘Go for the man boob!'” (Can’t say we blame you Hayley!)

6. The REAL reason Chris Evans first declined the movie: the commitment and the lifestyle change.

7. Chris on the lifestyle change: “I was perfectly happy where I was a year and a half ago before this movie. For the most part, people probably hadn’t [seen my movies]. But I lived a great life: I have a nice house, I drive a nice car, I do what I love, which to me is bliss. I’m not at the top of the list – I can’t make any movie I want, but that’s okay. I had a really nice happy medium going.”

8. When asked to compare working with directors Joe Johnston and Woody Allen, Hayley said: “Both are quite quiet actually, very very calm behind the camera. But Woody kind of doesn’t direct. He’ll just film you and do one shot of one take and go, “Lunch.” That’s it really. That was my experience. Joe is collaborative and wants to know what you think. And loves it when you give different kinds of takes. He’s just having fun, which is great. It was easy to work with Joe.”

9. Eating as much as you can to bulk up for a role isn’t the easiest or most fun thing – just ask Chris Evans! “That was the hardest part honestly. Working out sucked, eating sucks more. You just have to keep eating. And it’s not like I’m eating ice cream and cake. You have to eat a naked piece of chicken – it’s not romantic or sexy at all. You get to a point where you can’t even look at another piece of chicken.”

10. So, who does Chris relate to more: Steve Rogers or Captain America? “I grew up doing theater! I grew up, half my life, in tights and tap shoes. You gotta see pictures of me from birth to 18. I mean, it’s a sight. It was a bumpy road for me growing up, and I was a very skinny guy. I went to acting camp, you know? That’ll give you an idea of where I’m coming from.”

Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters this Friday, July 22nd.

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