Yodeling Ventriloquist Dummies Invade The Miss America Pageant

After watching Miss USA last night I began to reflect on all of the classic pageant flub moments that are slowly building up and filling the internet with hours of laughs. I always feel heartbroken for the girls who trip and fall, as that is everyone’s most basic fear while standing on a stage. I for one prefer the girls who start to vomit up verbs and nouns that fail to form a sentence or answer the question in any way. My favorite part about all the bloops is the maniacal clenching on to the smile while all of their hopes and dreams are being soiled by what is coming out of their mouths.

The stand out stars at last night’s Miss USA were Miss Tennessee who took a trip to irrelevant tangent town and Miss Alabama who ended her sentence with”it needs to be, come to a conclusion.”

Check out these fine ladies below:

Miss Arkansas: Yodeling Ventriloquist Dummies Invade Miss AmericaI can’t even say anything snarky about this girl because, well because I love her. While most girls are doing an embarrasing song-and-dance or crooning a-way-out-of-their-range ballad, this chick did something insanely original. The balls it takes to do THAT as your talent made her my Miss USA even if she ended up placing 2nd:

Miss South Carolina: Such as in South Africa, The Iraq and Such AsThe 2007 Miss Teen USA pageant will go down in history as the show with the most instantly classic pageant interview of all time. With over 50 million hits on Youtube Caitlin Upton sent thousands of viewers in disbelief straight to the rewind button that night:

Bert Parks Sings a Lil’ and Dances a Lil’While he is not and will never be a contestant, dear old Berty still manages to deliver one of the greatest dances and internet videos I’ve ever seen. Mr. Parks is most famous for hosting the Miss America pageant from 1955 to 1979. He is the man responsible for the voice behind “Here She Is, Miss America” which they still play whenever someone takes the crown.

To all the girls out there who have flubbed a pageant or lost a title due to a nudity scandal, it’s all good! Who even cares about big pageants anyway? Oprah took home the crown of “Miss Fire Prevention” (sexy) in Baltimore and look where she is now!

Do you have any all-time pageant moments? Please Share!