It’s worth it to wait for something you desire so much!

Finally my Buzznet prize arrived and I’m totally happy! A couple of months ago I won Britney’s prize here: Femme Fatale Premium Fan Edition + Radiance Perfume! I had to take part to that contest for have the possibility to win Radiance Perfume that I hadn’t yet and I was so proud to have won and now I have complete my Britney’s perfume collection (well, I still miss Curious: In Control, but it was a limitated edition of 2006 and I asked to my friend Celine if she can find it in Arizona, because here in Italy isn’t avaiable).

Radiance is such amazing, it’s became my new fav Britney’s fragrance, before Radiance I really loved Midnight Fantasy but now I have to say that this perfume beats the other one with 1000 points more! Britney’s fragrances are never banal and every one smell so good.

Thank you so much Buzznet for the winner!

Love you xo

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