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Hellooooo Buzznet! How are you guys doing on this fine summer day? This week we had many, many laughs (you guys were really funny this week), but mostly we sat around looking at HOT GUYS. I mean, Buzznet has become a mecca for the best photos of live shows, particularly of bands with REALLY HOT GUYS in them. Remember all these little peanuts? Yeah, well they are all grown up now and in big, famous bands and we are still drooling on them (not you, Ryan Ross, no, not you). We checked a lot of names off of our summer crush appreciation list this week. We even batted our proverbial lashes for 13 Super Hot Skaters. How many times can I say “hot” today? Anyhow, take a look at the Top 10 Things and enjoy!

1. 21 Best TV and Movie Dads You Wish You Had

2. 25 Hot Dudes With Winning Personalities

And be sure to check out Geeks We Love if you missed that. So many geeks, so much love.

3. Falling In Reverse Photos from the Set of ‘The Drug In Me Is You’

4. Photo Talk: Brad Elterman

5. Simple Plan: ‘We Are The First Band To Use Marriage Counseling’

6. Grieves Talks Warped, His Love of Children’s Food and Compares Rap Beef to Jerry Springer

7. Keltie Colleen Make The Stars of The Voice Do ‘The Mick Jagger Dance’ on the Red Carpet

8. Fashion Inspiration Grace Potter

9. Yodeling Ventriloquist Dummies Invade Miss America Pageant, Weave America’s Nightmares

10. Spooning, Thrifting and Road Food! Buzznet Gets in Bed With… The Vaccines

Also guys? GOD is blogging on Buzznet. Seriously.

And finally, you guys should join in this awesome photo assignment from our own El Rich:

“I” is for Inspiration

Post your favorite song lyric that inspires and show us in a photo how you interpret it

We hope you are all enjoying your summer so far. Thank you for all of the amazing posts this week – can’t wait to see what you guys are up to next!