Tonight Alive Premiere ‘Starlight’ Video

Australian pop/rock band Tonight Alive have their debut album coming out later this year, and today was the world premiere of their first single, “Starlight”.

The young band was recently in Hollywood, CA recording their debut album with established producer Mark Trombino. Sound familiar? He as worked with the likes of Biink-182, Jimmy Eat World and The Starting Line. I think they’re in good hands.

The catchy, up-tempo song is a great introduction for new fans and the performance video showcases their energy — mostly the lovely Jenna McDougall. Why are Australians always so good looking? And don’t worry ladies the rest of the band are total babes–and they take a late night swim in the video!

The band is currently on tour with Skyway down under, but I have my fingers crossed that they will be back in the states soon to catch live. They put on an amazing show.

Fun fact: The video was shot where the band first started, in guitarist Jake Hardy’s garage!

You can purchase some of Tonight Alive’s released work here on iTunes and make sure to keep your eyes on this emerging band.

What do you think of the new song and video? Are they worth keeping an eye on?