Tokio Hotel in Moscow for MUZ TV AWARDS (June 2nd, 2011) + UPDATE

It seems that Buzznet working again so finally I can post something I planned in those days, and coming soon I update my top 10 chart song of May.

But first…. this blog is dedicated to all the updates for today about Tokio Hotel in Moscow, tomorrow they will be among the headliners for MUZ TV AWARDS, wow! Can’t wait for their performance!

This morning Gustav and Georg arrived in Moscow from Berlin, now we are waiting only for Bill and Tom who arriving from LA. Rumors said Tom had a problem on a foot but now it seems they entered in the hotel from the back door because in front of Ritz Cartlon there are around 600 fans who are waiting for them. Georg and Gustav ate in the lobby of the hotel.

Check out the first pics! 😉

Georg and Gustav in Berlin Airport this morning – 10:20am (Germany hour)

Fans in front of Ritz Cartlon Hotel in Moscow

Georg and Gustav at Domodedovo Airport of Moscow – 1:30pm (European hour)

Gustav and a fan

Two videos about Georg and Gustav arriving

A new pic