Star Wars

photo: julia arielle cox on film

I have been so busy the past week getting everything settled on this coast before I have to get back to Hollywoodland in a couple weeks. Lots of meetings, confrence calls and skype sessions. Setting up a video with one of my all time Idols! Being this busy with so many projects in the works is exhausting but so exciting and worth it. I wish I didn’t need sleep… but I love my 7 hours. Im running on pure adrenaline. We have gotten so many store orders for my clothing lines in the past few days we are having to expanding to a new company to help with fulfilment!

After im done sorting out my closet tonight im stopping by the Vans Girls party in Brooklyn! I have no idea what to wear and my hair is turing into a nest… which im going full rainbow with in a few days. Speaking of things rainbow… the mid season replacement for Tokyolux called Cat Lady is almost out! Too much work and not enough play makes Audrey a dull doll.