Exclusive Photos from Joe Jonas’ ‘See No More’ Video Shoot at Space 15 Twenty

Today was a big day for Joe Jonas! This morning his new single “See No More” hit the airwaves and this afternoon he hosted a live chat in partnership with Buzznet and our friends at Celebuzz, Idolator and SocialiteLife. Buzznet was at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood as Joe Jonas live streamed the creation of art work involving “See No More” lyrics by artist Curtis Kulig.

Buzznet intern Janet and I were able to head down to see the action just as Joe tweeted out to his fans that he was hanging there! Being a huge Jonas Bros. fan, I was super excited. Janet and I were the first arrivals, followed by a group of excited girls. We were invited inside to check out the art work (it was massive!!) and Joe himself greeted us! He thanked us for coming and asked where we were from. He even wished one of the other girls happy birthday.

When Janet and I got to speak with Joe, we talked about his new single and how it was currently stuck in our heads. I mean, he only played it about a million times in his live chat!! He was super sweet and we even got to take a photo with him, which you can see in the gallery below (and it was totally taken by Jonas Brother photog Rob Hoffman).

I know everyone is totally excited to hear the rest of Joe’s album but for now, check out some exclusive photos from the “See No More” lyric video shoot!

Photos by Erica Lauren