SMARTY READS ” Little Ladybug Learns to be Humble” TO THE KIDS AT BEDTIME:D

So SMARTY loves to read and since the KIDS JD, Jess, Ben and Baby Boo didn’t want to go to bed he promised to read them a book. E-MOE is away and they just were so lonely that this was the only way to get them to sleep.

Ladybug sat in the Garden with Flowers all Around. Seeing her friend Caterpillar she flew to the Ground. “Caterpillars can only Crawl. What a shame you don’t have Wings. If you could fly like Me, you could do so many Things.” Ladybug flew up to her Mother, watching from up High. “You hurt Caterpillar’s feelings. He is sad. Do you not see Why?” Ladybug felt badly, so to the ground she Flew. “I should not have boasted, with the things I said to You. Everyone is Special, each in his own way.” Caterpillar said “I know!”


And the KIDS fell right to SLEEP 😀