Selena Gomez Blushes Over Someone Who ISN’T Justin Bieber

Boyfriend Justin Bieber may be the main guy for Selena Gomez, but Justin better watch out – there’s another guy who can make Selena blush! Who says celebrities can’t get as star-struck as their fans meeting THEIR celebrity crushes?!

While backstage at a TV studio (Good Morning America perhaps?), Selena was tricked into Transformers 3 star Shia LaBeouf, who is sharing a neighboring dressing room. Selena’s friends tell her she’s going in to meet a fan, only to find her celeb crush Shia sitting there. Selena starts to walk away when Shia calls after her. The two exchange hugs and introductions, and even pose for pictures.

“Oh my gosh,” Selena tells Shia when they finally meet in the hall. “I admire you. Very nice to meet you.”

After the encounter, she scurries away back to her own dressing room, blushing and fanning herself.

“You guys suck. You used my fans as bait,” she tells her friends. “Oh my God, he’s so handsome.”

See Selena act like (an adorable!) star-struck fan:

Who does Selena look cuter with: Justin or Shia?