Rye Rye ft. Robyn: ‘Never Will Be Mine’ Behind the Scenes Video Shoot

Last week we wrote about Baltimore rap queen Rye Rye sampling Swedish electro-pop star Robyn’s song ‘Be Mine‘ on her new slowed-down rap jam ‘Never Will Be Mine‘. Now we have a behind-the-scenes clip from the Tim Nackashi-directed video shoot!

The burgeoning songstresses show each other some love and bring their mutually colorful style to the streets of LA. Find out what Robyn thinks of Rye Rye’s take on her tragic love song, re-interpreted into a bouncier track.

You can watch the music video from “Never Will Be Mine” HERE and the behind the scenes video below:

The single is from Rye Rye’s forthcoming debut Go! Pop! Bang!

What do you think of the video for ‘Never Will Be Mine’?